Fiber Optic Cables which include ADSS Aerial, MicroCore blown fiber, Loose Tube, Tight Buffer, Premise, Outside Plant.
Fiber Optic Interconnects, Enclosures, Plug & Play System cassettes; Outdoor Closures, including Splice and Storage, Splice Trays, Patch Cords, Connectors, Adaptors, Attenuators, Termination Tools. Fusion Splicers, Cleavers. Entire line of optical test equipment that include OTDR’s, Optical loss sets, power meters, talk sets, cleaning supplies
IN (Southern), KY, OH, WV, PA (Western)


Dura-Line is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of communication and energy infrastructure products and systems including conduit, cable-in-conduit, pipe, and accessories.
IN (Southern), KY, OH, WV, PA (Western)


Madison Electric enjoys a well-deserved reputation as the innovative source and industry thought leader for product development through the electrical industry’s first Crowd-Sourced approach to new product development, the Sparks Innovation Center.

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Signaltape underground warning tape is setting a new standard for protecting, identifying and locating all types of buried utilities.

Signaltape is a proprietary, low-cost solution developed to prevent excavation damage to buried utilities by providing a visible alert to the presence of a buried utility directly to the equipment operator.


General Machine Products, a family-owned business located in Suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a manufacturer of a wide range of products for the telecommunications, power utility and cable television industries, and the contractors who serve them.